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Success Stories

"Rob, training with you has changed my life. I feel (and look) like a new person. I will never be able to thank you enough, for what you have helped me to achieve. Thank you so much for everything.

-Your most Favorite Client.


Jordin After

Read more about Jordini and how Train2Change helped him and others succed in reaching their goals.




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Are you tired of not getting the results you desire? So many people fail to achieve their goals simply because they are misled by so many fitness and weight loss lies. The good news is that you can change your body and your life with the help of the right personal trainer. I will walk you step by step and show you the most effective ways to get results in a healthy and fast manner!

Hello, my name is Rob Viramontes, I am an certified fitness consultant and owner of Train2Change Fitness. My personal fitness programs have helped hundreds of men, women, children and athletes lose weight, firm up, look great by the pool or perform better in the game. I offer personal fitness training in Marin County. I train clients in a variety of settings; at local parks, at the beach, in their homes, at the office, with most of my clients training at Gold's Gym in Corte Madera. I offer private, semi-private, small group and team training.

At Train2Change Fitness I specialize in weight loss, weight management, strength training, post-rehab conditioning and sports specific training including injury prevention programs. Whatever your goal, I have the program that will get you there, Guaranteed!


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